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"We must also consider the emission of pollutants from waste, including hazardous waste present in different environments. We produce hundreds of millions of tons of waste a year, many of which are not biodegradable: household and commercial waste, debris coming from demolitions, clinical waste, electronic or industrial, highly toxic and radioactive waste. The land, our home, seems to be turning more and more into a huge garbage dump. In many places on the planet, the elderly miss the landscapes of their past, which now appear inundated with garbage. Industrial waste, as much as the chemicals products used in towns and fields, can produce a bio-accumulation effect in the bodies of the inhabitants of neighbouring areas, which also occurs when the level of presence of a toxic element in a place is low. Many times measures are taken only when irreversible effects for people's health occur." POPE FRANCESCO, ENCYCLICAL 'LAUDATO SI'

SAFE represents the certainty of a waste management market and quality oriented, respecting the will of its Members, transforming the classic activities of the consortium in efficient services immediately usable by the consortium members.

The SAFE ethical approach to the task entrusted by the institutions has integrated the will to go beyond the basic guidelines by developing advanced models for waste management and sharing the universal principle of transparency. For this reason SAFE, as collector of the various collective systems that it represents, constantly harmonize the promotion of sustainable procedures and the efficiency of dedicated and qualified facilities in providing services for collection, transportation, recycling and treatment of electrical and electronic equipment and of waste batteries and accumulators in accordance with specific rules.

The high quality of the profile on which the Consortium has been working for years is underscored by the recognition of ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015, issued to Ecoped and Ridomus part of the certifying body TUV.

The continuous update and the anticipation of future needs of the consortiums represent a key value for SAFE; relating to a larger reality in terms of WEEE as the European one is an essential opportunity to always perform to the best in our work.

For this reason SAFE, through the individual consortiums, relies on WEEE Forum, the European association founded in 2002 that brings together 32 WEEE consortium in order to provide various groups with an international platform for cooperation and optimize the effectiveness of the organizations operations members, aiming to continually improve environmental performance.
WEEE Forum is also an important networking opportunities for the exchange and sharing of information and resources, allowing professionals to give their constructive contribution to the general debate on the issue of electronic waste policy and to address issues arising from legislation European in the field of WEEE.
The theme of incorrect treatment and disposal of WEEE fact remains an open question to which it is necessary to pay attention and dedicated resources.


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